Cole A.

Normally, I don’t like to cover up my super sexy Dad Bod, however, when I do, I typically wear a tank or some type of America-related apparel, so The #AtxTank seemed right up my red, white and blue alley.

When I first received my #AtxTank, it smelt so delightful; like Oprah herself had blessed it. Then I found out, it just got stuck in the same bag as a bottle of Cocoa butter lotion that spilled out in it. I will say that, it is the most comfortable tank top I’ve ever worn. The fabric of the shirt is durable, yet very comfortable.

But what’s cooler than anything else with this tank, is when you wear it for the first time. The second I put on my #AtxTank, I heard trumpets sounding off, people screaming in joy, and the national anthem playing… Or maybe that was the Olympics I was watching on TV… Either way, shortly after that I had 3 women, one named Destiny, Fantasia and Mercedes give me their phone number (which I think I must have wrote down wrong- so if any of you ladies see this- please call me!), followed by an invite to a little-person wrestling contest that I got to co-host with Regis Philbin, while we debated what type of foods are best waffled. Don’t act like you’re not jealous.

Bottom line- If you want a great, comfortable tank top that dramatically increases your quality of life, I highly recommend buying an #AtxTank. And, If you don’t have reason enough to buy this tank, just do it for Harambe. #AtxTanksOutForHarambe